Aspen Ideas Festival


Sun June 30, 2013
Special Coverage

Aspen Ideas Festival - The 21st Century Diplomatic Toolbox

The 21st Century Diplomatic Toolbox: Soft Power, Economic Statecraft, and Technology

The changing face of diplomacy in the 21st century is driven by new tools of statecraft: soft power, economic support, access to technology, and public-private partnerships. Why will these be successful?

Madeleine K. Albright, David Ensor, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Richard Wilhelm

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Sun June 30, 2013
Special Coverage

Aspen Ideas Festival - What Do TV Shows Tell Us About Ourselves?

What Do TV Shows Tell Us about Ourselves?

How much can we learn about our society through our TV shows? Can they break social barrier, or even help catalyze social change? Writer/producers of some of television’s most influential programs and characters—James Brooks (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Taxi, The Simpsons) and Brian Grazer (24, Parenthood, Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights)—consider what relationship onscreen life has to real life.

James L. Brooks, Kurt Andersen


Sat June 29, 2013


Mon June 24, 2013
Special Coverage

Live Broadcasts from the Aspen Ideas Festival

Aspen Public Radio has you covered with live broadcasts from the Aspen Ideas Festival. Here's a schedule of the topics, times and dates for our special live broadcasts.

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Wed May 29, 2013