Russia en Valley Roundup - March 7th, 2014 <p>Joining us today are Carolyn Sackariason of the Aspen Daily News, Michael Miracle of Aspen Sojourner magazine and Andy Stone of the Aspen Times.</p><p>This week, the community processes the murder of a lifetime local.&nbsp; Homicide is rare here and it is especially difficult when the victim is so well know.</p><p>Also this week, Aspen Valley Hospital parts ways with a longtime surgeon and signs up with a new surgical team.</p><p>And, a new Limelight in Snowmass is off the table…maybe.</p><p>One of NPR’s top international correspondents visited the valley this week.&nbsp; Phillip Reeves gave audiences the backstory to Ukraine, Russia and Crimea.&nbsp; Reeves sat down for interview with us and you’ll hear it just ahead on this week’s Valley Roundup.</p><p> Fri, 07 Mar 2014 22:28:00 +0000 Roger Adams & Elise Thatcher 15209 at Valley Roundup - March 7th, 2014 Aspen Mayor To Wear Shirt Protesting Russia's Anti-Gay Law <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Aspen’s mayor and other city council members will be sporting a rainbow at Wednesday's Olympic send-off celebration. The mayor agreed this week to wear a t-shirt protesting Russia’s anti-gay law. As Marci </span>Krivonen<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> reports, a Carbondale artist designed the shirt.</span></p><p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">At Monday’s City Council meeting, Carbondale artist Brad Reed Nelson spoke up during the citizen comment period.</span></p> Wed, 29 Jan 2014 13:00:00 +0000 Marci Krivonen 13513 at Aspen Mayor To Wear Shirt Protesting Russia's Anti-Gay Law Carbondale Company Protests Russia's Anti-Gay Laws <p>As winter sports athletes prepare for the Olympics in Sochi, attention is being focused on Russia’s new anti-gay laws, enacted earlier this year. &nbsp;While some activists are calling for a boycott of Sochi, others hope to <em>draw attention</em> to the discriminatory law. &nbsp;A small furniture design company in Carbondale has come up with a creative way to get its point across. Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen reports.</p><p></p> Fri, 20 Dec 2013 18:20:11 +0000 Marci Krivonen 11890 at Carbondale Company Protests Russia's Anti-Gay Laws